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Interested In Tec Diving, Or Just Have Questions?  Ask Our Resident Padi Tec Expert Jerry Lucas!

Question: Jerry, I've been diving for awhile and love improving my skills.  I've heard about PADI Tec.  It sounds interesting, but I'm just not sure.  How would you recommend that I find out if it's really for me? Answer (Jerry):  Like getting into Scuba Diving, […]

How I Became A Tec Diver By Jerry Lucas

How I Became a Tec Diver   There are those times in life where you are at the confluence of events which you may have little to no control over. That moment for me, at least my journey into the dark side (tec diving) as some call […]

Continuing The Dream By Nick Kreiner

A dive community of Patriots! When I left my recent military assignment in Okinawa I departed as an avid scuba diver who had just entered the ranks of professional diving.  In my time in the clear waters of the South China Sea I had been […]

How Diving Reinforces My Respect For The Veteran

As a former Submarine Officer, I look back at the jokes and bravado of my submarine brethren regarding those that were not as fortunate as I to be selected for submarine service.  “There are two types of ships, submarines and targets!’ we would joke.  Then, […]

He Was The Inspiration That Got Me Started...who Was Yours?

I remember waiting for the next episode of National Geographic where Jacques-Yves Cousteau would show me a new wonder to behold underwater!  I was mesmerized and it was as if he was on another planet.  I wanted to go there, to see the things he saw....and […]