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The Warriors Take Bonaire - By Ernie Spycher

As the anxiety of making my flight reached an all time high, it finally hit me that I actually knew very little about my next dive location.  I had done some research about the culture of the island and taken a virtual tour of our […]

Sidemount Diving: Not Just For Tec And Cave Divers

So are we just “Hyping” a new thing to get you to do more training? Are you asking yourself, “Self - Why would I want to hang more cylinders off my body?” Is this just another angle to spend more money?! We’ll I am “Hyping” […]

Adventures: Past And Present

By Rob Currer   As many of you know, I will soon be departing the area bound for a two year stint in Guinea, West Africa.  I want to take this opportunity to say it has been a great pleasure sending you snarky emails and […]

Teeth And Tales From Grand Bahama

By Gib Owen   We could barely see him in the distance, his heavy shuffle almost hidden in a cloud of grey muscle and fins.  The diver took a deliberate path toward our kneeling group, bringing with him a swarm of swirling sharks.  The trail […]

My Florida Keys Open-water Certification

By Tessa C. I had the most amazing open water diving experience in Key Largo, Florida with Patriot Scuba.  It felt so good to be in the warm Florida weather over the MLK weekend. We started at 8 AM, Saturday morning when we met our […]