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First Breaths

Waves rolled against the stone jetty sending spray into the blustering wind.  The scent of brine filled my lungs, clean and fresh.  I watched the beryl green sea from the horizon until it spilled in tongues of foam across the beach.  My pulse fluttered beneath […]

Window To A New World – Padi Discover Scuba

You don’t know what you don’t know…. Brilliant, eh?  But sooo true.  I get to see quite a few people who will try a Discover Scuba experience when a friend asks them, or a boyfriend/girlfriend dare or it was a gift.  Most are not sure […]

Changing The World – Becoming A Padi Pro

Changing the World – Becoming a PADI Pro Everyone’s life is different.  Different experiences, different jobs, different families, and different stresses.  Our lives shape us as we move thru them.  Some days it’s all good.  Some days, well not so good. Each of us needs […]

Improve Your Bottom Time At Home

Proper breathing is a foundational skill in diving. It affects everything from your bottom time to your buoyancy. Breathing is so natural that most of the time we do not even think about it. Yet, sometimes that means that we do not take the time […]

Year Of The Rat(fish) - By Andrew Pressly

Happy (belated) Lunar New Year! According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the year of the rat. As divers, what better way is there to celebrate the year of the rat than by celebrating the spotted ratfish! With a rabbit-like head, smooth scaleless skin, large […]