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Where Can You Go As A Padi Pro?

So where can you go, what can you do as a PADI - Pro?  The Tag-Line "Seek Adventure - Save the Ocean" is no just words.  Check out this article to read about one exciting pathway! How to Get a Job on a Liveaboard!  

Creature Focus: The Amazing Sea Horse

Seahorses are amazing marine creatures native to saltwater environments from the tropics to temperate zones. They are called “seahorses” because of their horse-like heads –even their scientific name is based on the Greek word for horse (Hippocampus). Believe it or not the fins on the sides […]

Window To A New World – Padi Discover Scuba

You don’t know what you don’t know…. Brilliant, eh?  But sooo true.  I get to see quite a few people who will try a Discover Scuba experience when a friend asks them, or a boyfriend/girlfriend dare or it was a gift.  Most are not sure […]

Changing The World – Becoming A Padi Pro

Changing the World – Becoming a PADI Pro Everyone’s life is different.  Different experiences, different jobs, different families, and different stresses.  Our lives shape us as we move thru them.  Some days it’s all good.  Some days, well not so good. Each of us needs […]

Coral Reefs - By Andrew Pressly

Coral Reefs are some of the most unique habitats on Earth. Even though they cover less than 2% of the ocean bottom, they are home to about 5,000 species of animal with more being discovered every day. Reefs are also incredibly important to people. Healthy […]