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2014 Diving Resolutions  By Brian Smith

As a newly-minted PADI Divemaster, I am proud to close out 2013 having accomplished a goal that I set for myself several years ago.  We all have various reasons for taking that first step to become open water divers, and I enjoy hearing fellow divers […]

The Warriors Take Bonaire - By Ernie Spycher

As the anxiety of making my flight reached an all time high, it finally hit me that I actually knew very little about my next dive location.  I had done some research about the culture of the island and taken a virtual tour of our […]

Sidemount Diving: Not Just For Tec And Cave Divers

So are we just “Hyping” a new thing to get you to do more training? Are you asking yourself, “Self - Why would I want to hang more cylinders off my body?” Is this just another angle to spend more money?! We’ll I am “Hyping” […]

Adventures: Past And Present

By Rob Currer   As many of you know, I will soon be departing the area bound for a two year stint in Guinea, West Africa.  I want to take this opportunity to say it has been a great pleasure sending you snarky emails and […]

Teeth And Tales From Grand Bahama

By Gib Owen   We could barely see him in the distance, his heavy shuffle almost hidden in a cloud of grey muscle and fins.  The diver took a deliberate path toward our kneeling group, bringing with him a swarm of swirling sharks.  The trail […]