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Theo’s Wreck Was A First!

Dive Sites jcurrer COMMENTS 25 Jan, 2016

So, I'm leading a trip to Grand Bahama in March (19th thru the 26th) where I plan to dive one of my favorite Wrecks. Check it out!

MV Logna was built as general cargo ship in Bergens Mekaniske VerkstedShipyard, Norway in 1957. She transported cargo between Norway and Spain until 1969, when she was acquired by the Bahama Cement Company. In 1970 she was converted to a bulk cement carrier and she was renamed MV Island Cement. She was used to ship bulkcement between Freeport, Bahamas Fort PiercePort Canaveral, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and to Eleuthera and New Providence in the Bahamas. In 1980 the Company conducted an underwater survey and determined that it was not economical to perform required repairs. Instead, the ship was decommissioned and the company planned to sell her for scrap.



The company's port engineer and underwater sports enthusiast Theo (Thanassis) Galanopoulos instead persuaded the company toTheo's Wreck scuttle the ship as a dive site. After several months of preparation with the assistance of local volunteers and the issuance of a permit by the Government of the Bahamas, the MV Island Cement was towed about 1.5 miles off Williamstown, Grand Bahama Island and scuttled on 16 October 1982. The MV Island Cement became the first ship intentionally sunk as artificial
 and recreational dive site in the Bahamas; the site was named "Theo's Wreck"

It’s worth the dive!  Come join me!

-      Jeff

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