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How Diving Reinforces My Respect For The Veteran

As a former Submarine Officer, I look back at the jokes and bravado of my submarine brethren regarding those that were not as fortunate as I to be selected for submarine service.  “There are two types of ships, submarines and targets!’ we would joke.  Then, […]

He Was The Inspiration That Got Me Started...who Was Yours?

I remember waiting for the next episode of National Geographic where Jacques-Yves Cousteau would show me a new wonder to behold underwater!  I was mesmerized and it was as if he was on another planet.  I wanted to go there, to see the things he saw....and […]

Fitness To Dive

Sooo...I remember when I was Immortal...I could eat anything, think about working out and lose weight... Man, those were the days! Now, I have to work harder and think about how it might effect my habit regarding my passion, diving.  Here are some thoughts and […]

Training Divers With Disabilities

One of the greatest rewards of my life has been introducing Scuba to those with Physical and/or Cognitive challenges. Whether it is an injured veteran, or a child with autism, the satisfaction, joy and sense of accomplishment cannot be quantified.I’ve been an instructor for 7 […]

Zeagle: A Brand To Grow With

Zeagle: A Brand to Grow With Drew Wyllie   Zeagle, which began in the 1970’s as a parachute equipment manufacturer, specializes in tough, reliable, and adaptable Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs).  Their innovative designs have made them widely popular with tec divers, cave divers, and professional […]