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LEARN TO DIVE Experience an Adventure Like No Other!

You're floating effortlessly above a field of swaying corals as you watch fish of every color of the rainbow school and dart all around you. The only sound is your bubbles as you capture the color that swirls around you with your camera. Or instead, you are inside a shipwreck, exploring the silent corridors. You turn into one of the open hatches to find yourself peering out into the ship's hold, still brimming with cargo untouched since the vessel sank decades ago as if it were a time capsule.

If you've ever dreamed about these experiences or underwater adventures like them, then scuba diving is probably for you! Diving can be as thrilling or relaxing as you would like it to be. Ultimately, the experience is up to you!

Diving isn't a "one size fits all" kind of sport. There areseveral ways to get started! The most common is by signing up for the Open Water Diver Course which is the entry level certification.

But, if you aren't ready to take the complete plunge, you might look at the Scuba Diver Course. This is a program is designed for those who want the training to divesafely but are only planning to dive under the direct supervision of a dive professional. It is also a great starter option for people with limited time to complete the course.

Finally, if you are curious about diving but not sure if you are ready to sign up for a full certification course, you might check out one of our Discover Scuba Diving Programs. They are a simple, fun course that allows you to try out diving in the pool without committing to the investment of a certification.

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