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SASY Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth

Get them started early with Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth - (SASY)

Patriot's SASY Program is developed to give children of 5 - 8 years the chance to experience the underwater world at this young age. They will have the time of their life wearing their “SASY” Unit in the safety of the pool.

SASY snorkeling is “snorkeling” the easy way, by using Scuba “Like” equipment instead of just a snorkel. We provide a specially designed vest that keeps them on the surface and an extra small cylinder/regulator set that integrates into the vest and “Ta-da!” …They feel like a diver… with dive gear… while having snorkeling fun!

Whether your child swims like a fish or is just beginning, the SASY program is designed to safely encourage your child's comfort and confidence in a marine environment.