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Changing Lives Thru Scuba

As a PADI instructor, I change lives every day. I open lives to new adventures, I teach people who didn't think the could do it.  I run with the 'Adventurous' 1% of the planet that explores the 71% of the planet... pretty cool.  That said, […]

Healing Waters And The Blue Mind

Why do we automatically associate relaxation, fun and enjoyment with the beach?  Life’s a beach, right? Is it the sand and sun or the water?  Researcher Wallace Nichols says it’s the water. In his book “Blue Mind: The  Surprising Science that shows How being in, […]

I Need To Get In Shape: Where Do I Start?

      I Need to Get in Shape: Where Do I Start? By Jessica Adams, Ph.D., and Stephanie Deltufo, B.S. Every morning, like most Americans, I commute to work. I drink my coffee and note the gazellelike runners who are lucky enough or crazy […]

The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Scuba Diving

So I guess I need to do MORE diving!  Check out this article from Jennifer Palmer on some great benefits from scuba diving! "SCUBA diving is known as a thoroughly enjoyable and sometimes adrenaline boosting sport, however most do not know that SCUBA diving has […]

Fitness To Dive

Sooo...I remember when I was Immortal...I could eat anything, think about working out and lose weight... Man, those were the days! Now, I have to work harder and think about how it might effect my habit regarding my passion, diving.  Here are some thoughts and […]