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Training Divers With Disabilities

One of the greatest rewards of my life has been introducing Scuba to those with Physical and/or Cognitive challenges. Whether it is an injured veteran, or a child with autism, the satisfaction, joy and sense of accomplishment cannot be quantified.I’ve been an instructor for 7 […]

Zeagle: A Brand To Grow With

Zeagle: A Brand to Grow With Drew Wyllie   Zeagle, which began in the 1970’s as a parachute equipment manufacturer, specializes in tough, reliable, and adaptable Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs).  Their innovative designs have made them widely popular with tec divers, cave divers, and professional […]

Cruise Diving 2015

Cruise Diving 2015   Today is truly an awesome day as Merial and I head off to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Although our actual anniversary day is in June, that would be the heart of our local diving season, so it is a lot […]

Packing More Air - Sidemount

Now this is something different! That was my immediate thought shortly after Sidemount class began.  From the rigging of the cylinders, to the adjustment to my Hollis SMS-100 BCD…it was going to be different…..and it just continued to get different and better! Why Sidemount? Well […]

Dive Lights And The Prepared Diver

Before joining the Navy, I worked for the United States Golf Association.  When running golf tournaments at that level, I always knew to be prepared for any situation that could arise.  I remember one particular lesson I passed along to some rules officials who were […]