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Which Regulator is the best for you?

When divers talk about regulators they're usually talking about a complete set of regulators which is typically made up of a first stage, hoses, a second stage, a redundant second stage (normally referred to as an Octopus) and an instrument console (which can include pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass or possibly a dive computer).

All of these components can be bought individually but manufacturers match suitable elements together to create pre-assembled packs to meet a number of uses and environments that both recreational and technical divers typically find themselves in.

When it comes to choosing your regulators it's very important to bear in mind what sort of diving you intend to do and environments in which you’ll be diving. For example, if you intend to only dive to normal recreational limits whilst on holiday in tropical location your choice of regulator is not going to be any where near as demanding as a diver descending to 50m + in water temperatures below 10°C (below this temperature is considered to be cold-water).

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